Aims and scope

To highlight the importance of sport, fitness, exercise and health in improving performance, covering the latest advances in research, training, programme design and including injury and rehabilitation.

Aimed at those involved in the management and care of sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as anyone adopting exercise routines for a healthy lifestyle. This includes a range of professionals from strength-and-conditioning coaches and personal trainers, to physicians, physiotherapists, sport & exercise scientists, physical education teachers, nutritionists/dietitians, sports coaches, sport psychologists, life coaches, sport therapists, those dealing with sport injuries and rehabilitation and health and fitness professionals.

Performance will appeal to men and women interested in sport, health, fitness and well-being, particularly in the ABC1, 20 to 40 + years groups.

Performance will fill a gap in the market for a highly respected, research-led hybrid publication providing an unbiased resource to professionals as well as consumers.